Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jonathan Hochman and Matthew Hopkins

ALBUM: It's A Submarine
LABEL: Cloth Ear

It’s A Submarine glazes 70s synthesizer composition with iridescent four-track murk. The record embraces the frigidness of early electronic music and marries it with the rote personality/sentimentality of a clipped and threatening-to-chew four-track recording. Immediate references include NY performance art group Excepter and Melbourne analogue fetishists Maximum Awesome.

Jonathan Hochman and Matthew Hopkins are both familiar faces in the Sydney underground: Hochman performs with drone/improv three-piece Holy Balm and also plays percussion in Sydney-based noise group Stick Stick. Matthew Hopkins is one half of Naked on the Vague, another half of Vincent over the Sink, and records solo as Bad Tables and Lamp Puffer. Together they coalesce the defining sonics of their other projects: there’s the indeterminate kaleidoscopic fuzz of Hochman’s noise projects mixed with Hopkins’ peculiar gravitation towards melody thru murk: a conventional musicality that resolves itself despite scant means, and prospers despite existing in a proximal musical climate that shirks melody in favour of texture and figurative noise and static. Hopkins’ involvement in some of the more song-orientated and ‘poppier’ fringes of Sydney’s DIY scene rubs off on this recording nicely.

Hochman and Hopkins performed at Pact Theatre on the 21st of June 2008 and again at La Campana on the 16th of July 2008. The later show saw them play It’s A Submarine in its entirety.


Vincent Over The Sink


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